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9 Simple Ways to Increase Sales By Getting to Know Your Customer

The secret to more sales? It pays to get to know your customers. Who are your most profitable customers? What triggers a sale? Which factors inspire customer loyalty and repeat business? It’s actually much easier – and more affordable – to answer these questions than most merchants re …

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Best Practices for your Frozen Yogurt Shop Loyalty Program

With summer in full swing, froyo shops across the country are experiencing a wave of fruit-craving, soft-serve seeking, sweet-toothed customers. Along with the growth in the number of froyo-happy palates in recent years also comes a blitz of new frozen yogurt shops looking to reap som …

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Perka Loyalty Now A Payment App

Perka is a widely used customizable loyalty and marketing solution for the Clover Station, Clover Mini, and Clover Flex. Its powerful features allow businesses to create dynamic loyalty programs and send targeted offers to the right customers at the right time directly to their mobile …

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