Clover Dining

Better restaurants make happier customers.

Clover Dining brings all the features your restaurant needs to manage employees, delight guests, and optimize operations to drive revenue and reduce losses.

Clover Dining gives you the tools to free your staff so they can focus on your customers and their dining experience.

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Create your floor plan.

Create a floor plan that reflects your restaurant’s look. Add custom layouts for different areas such as the dining room, bar, or outdoor patio. 

Custom floor plans - build dynamic floor plans that match your restaurant's layout, with customizable table shapes and sizes.

Table capacity - default guest capacity and guest count configuration.

Table status - see real-time table status with color-changing notifications.

Flexibility - make a floor plan and table adjustments in the point of sale Clover app, or in the browser of your computer.

Create your floorplan

Manage table orders.

Clover Dining makes taking, coursing, and updating orders fast, simple and accurate.

Move orders from table to table - easily move guests and their orders from one section of your restaurant to another, and from one table to another.

Transfer orders between servers - transfer from one server to another with four touches of the screen.

Print bills - print the entire bill, or print individual bills for each guest at the table.

Meal coursing - easily add menu items and custom modifiers to the order, and fire courses to the kitchen at the most ideal time.

Manage table orders

Streamline payments.

Clover Dining allows guests to pay with credit or debit, contactless or mobile, gift card or check, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and more.

Always on - take secure payments even when the internet or WiFi is down.

Split the bill - split it the way guests desire: by guest, by item, or by custom amount.

Add service charge - add large party or Covid-19 service charge to order.

Pre-authorize orders - track bar tabs, without collecting credit cards (EMV compliant.)

Scan to Pay - offers guests the ability to pay their bill directly with contactless Apple Pay, right at their table. No credit cards, no extra touches, no waiting, no stress.

Split bills multiple ways

Table-side ordering.

Faster, smarter ordering - take orders at the table, in full detail, at the touch of a fingertip - fire to the kitchen straight away so guests get their food fast.

Scan to order - free your staff by allowing customers to scan a QR code and place orders directly from their mobile phones. These QR codes can be placed on each table for dine-in guests, or front door and windows for takeout orders.

Fire orders on the spot - fire orders directly to the kitchen from anywhere on the floor.

Accommodate guests in a hurry - process the entire payment right at the table, so guests don't have to wait, and the hostess can seat the next party faster.

Clover Scan to Order

Wide range of devices.

The Clover Dining is available with the handheld Clover Flex for contactless payments, kitchen printers, and other Clover POS systems such as:

Clover POS Family
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