Clover Station

Master your business with the point of sale system that will help you get the jobs done right and fast.


What is the Clover Station?

With two hardware options to choose from, the Clover Station is one of the most popular point-of-sale systems. You have seen them power countless local table service restaurants, counter service restaurants, and retail stores all across the country. 

Businesses love this user-friendly all-in-one pos system because of its advanced functionality, stunning design, and flexibility to work seamlessly with all Clover POS devices, like the Clover Mini, Clover Flex, and the Clover Go.

And if that’s not enough, both Stations allow you to virtually eliminate credit card processing costs by taking advantage of the Merchant Surcharge Program.

All-in-one System

Run your business and accept payments all from one point of sale and payments system.

Powerful Tools

Enjoy faster transactions with a state-of-the-art processor, and manage your business easier with robust software and a wide variety of apps.

Ultimate Flexibility

Works seamlessly with Clover devices and peripherals to support business transactions at the counter, in line or, on the go.

Multi-Layered Protection

Integrated EMV chip and signature and fingerprint sensor for employee login add additional security to protect you and customers.

Clover Station Solo with Clover Flex

The table service restaurant powerhouse.

The Station Solo represents the absolute best in table service restaurant pos system technology. Its large and high-definition touchscreen display makes servers’ tasks effortless, and the built-in fingerprint scanner reduces time wasted during multiple login attempts.

Whether you manage a table service restaurant or a bar, the Station Solo will improve your business’ performance with fast transactions, tab authorizations, and custom floor plans. And seamless integration with the Clover Flex will make it easy to take orders at the table and fire them to the kitchen.

Each Station Solo includes an HD display with a swivel feature, card reader, receipt printer, and cash drawer. It is also compatible with accessories such as a kitchen printer, weight scale, and a barcode scanner.

Buy the Station Solo for $899

Clover Station Duo Juice Bar

Engage with customers like never before.

The Station Duo (previously known as Station Pro) makes the counter service experience unparalleled. The Station Duo includes a stationary (no swivel) merchant-facing display and a Clover Mini that serves as the dedicated customer-facing display. 

Whether you manage a counter service restaurant or a retail store, the addition of a customer-facing display makes it easy to offer rewards, capture customer information, ensure order accuracy, and accept mobile payments.

Each Station Duo includes an HD display, a Clover Mini, a receipt printer, and a cash drawer. It is also compatible with accessories such as a kitchen printer, weight scale, and a barcode scanner.

Buy the Station Duo for $899


Make dining unforgettable.

Clover Dining brings all the features your restaurant needs to manage employees, delight guests, and optimize operations to drive revenue and reduce losses. Clover Dining gives you the tools to free your staff so they can focus on your customers and their dining experience.

Your restaurant’s floor plan - create a floor plan that reflects your restaurant’s look. Add custom layouts for different areas such as the dining room, bar, or outdoor patio.

Precision ordering - customize orders with descriptive notes and link the correct orders to the right guests.

Error-free communication - assign orders to courses and fire courses to the kitchen instantly, or at the right time.

Fire orders on the spot - fire orders to the kitchen the moment they’re placed and change them even after they’re fired.

Mark tables in red - set dining duration and be notified when guests overstay their visit.

Clover Station Solo with Clover Dining

If you are not processing credit cards at 1.25% + $0.25, we should talk.


Reach more customers with delivery and pick up.

Give your restaurant maximum exposure. With Clover Online, you’ll be able to generate new revenue streams from online orders. Through direct integration, orders placed on your Clover website, GrubHub, and the Clover App, will be sent directly to your kitchen, ensuring quick and accurate fulfillment.

Simple setup - get started in minutes. Your Clover Station menu items can be instantly enabled for online ordering.

No commissions - Clover Online Ordering is included in your Table Service and Counter Service Restaurant plans. There are no commissions or hidden fees.

In-store or curbside pickup - give guests a convenient and hassle-free experience by offering contactless curbside pickup.

Orders scheduling - guests can place orders for now or schedule them for later (hours or days in advance).

Customize everything - display detailed food descriptions with high-resolution photos, set your food preparation time, and decide how far in advance would you like to accept scheduled orders. You can even add additional “buffer” time for scheduled orders.

Clover Online Ordering

A faster, new way to pay.

Scan to Pay offers guests the ability to pay their bill directly with contactless Apple Pay, right at their table. No credit cards, no extra touches, no waiting, no stress.

Less work, more time - reduce the labor needed to attend to guests' bills and free servers to cover more tables.

Better for staff - turning tables faster means more revenue per shift, resulting in more tips for servers and less time running back and forth with bills.

No extra cost - because Scan to Pay is part of Clover Dining, there are no additional costs to use it.

A better payment experience - Scan to Pay allows customers to pay and leave when they are ready. Keep them happy by not making them wait for a busy server.

Clover Scan to Pay

Free your staff. Let guests send orders straight to the kitchen printer.

Provide a safe and convenient way to dine-in at your restaurant with Scan to Order. Your guests will be able to look through the menu and order directly from the safety of their phones. And you’ll be able to turn increase table turn efficiency while making guests’ dining experience safer and more enjoyable.

Safer ordering - replace resource-consuming and mistake-prone manual orders with QR code ordering that lets customers control their dine-in experience.

Assign table numbers to orders - ensure that food is delivered to the correct table.

Attribute tips to servers - whoever prints the Scan to Order QR code receives the tips.

Turn tables faster. Increase profits - increase table turn efficiency while making guests’ dining experience safer and more enjoyable.

Clover Scan to Order

If you are not processing credit cards at 1.25% + $0.25, we should talk.


Payment processing with Clover Station

The Clover Station can accept swipe, EMV chip cards, NFC contactless payments, debit cards, EBT cards, Clover Gift Cards, and checks.

The contactless NFC payments include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and more.

When you open an account with CardConnect MSP and settle your daily batch before 9:30 pm EST, you will see a deposit in your bank account the next day.

How much will you pay to process payments?

We understand that running a company is costly, and we want to make sure you don't overpay for your credit card processing. 

That's why we can offer flat pricing of 2.6% +$0.05 per transaction for all card-present and card-not-present transactions.

Server is processing credit card payment on Clover Station Solo

Merchant Surcharge Program

What is the new Merchant Surcharge Program?

In addition to cost-saving traditional merchant services pricing, we now offer the Merchant Surcharge Program.

To help cover your processing costs on eligible credit cards, you'll be able to add a fixed 3.5% fee to your customers' credit card transactions. Eligible transactions include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express Opt Blue card-present and card-not-present.

This program is available to US-based companies in all states except Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, and Armed Forces.

The Merchant Surcharge Program is available on the Clover Flex, Station Solo, Station Duo (Pro), and the Clover Mini.

Simple Pricing

Simple Pricing

Your flat discount rate for credit card transactions is equal to the surcharge rate.
Simple Pricing
seamless esperience

A Helping Hand

The Merchant Surcharge Program provides a seamless user experience while following card brand guidelines.
A Helping Hand
Get things done faster with Station Duo

Seamless Integration

Once enabled for surcharging, it can be used on any of the following devices: Clover Mini, Clover Mini 2 LTE & WiFi, Clover Flex,  Clover Flex 2nd Gen, Clover Station 2, Clover Station Solo, Clover Station Duo (Pro).
Seamless Integration

Buy Clover Station for $899

Affordable POS

Clover Station Price and software monthly plans

Our mission is to establish a long relationship based on trust. We will never overcharge you for a piece of POS equipment or a peripheral. Our equipment may not be "free" or the lowest price you can find. But, combined with the reasonable cost of your merchant account, it will contribute to your success and not hurt your business.

Clover Station Prices

How much does Clover Station cost?

When activating a new merchant services account with CardConnect MSP, we can offer the Clover Station for $899.

How much do the Clover Station plans cost per month?

Upon activating your new Clover Station, the screen will present you with an option to choose a Clover Software Plan.

Register: $39.95 per month for the first device plus $9.95 for each additional device per location 

Counter Service Restaurant: $39.95 per month for the first device plus $9.95 for each additional device per location

Table Service Restaurant: $69.95 per month for the first device plus $9.95 for each additional device per location

How much is the Clover Station data plan?

If you plan to use the Station where an ethernet connection or WiFi is available, you may not need to activate the 4G LTE data plan. But, if your internet goes down, the data plan will cost $15 per month. You can turn the data on and off each month.

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Clover App Market

What is the Clover App Market?

Each Clover POS system is ready to take payments right out of the box. But, every merchant has different business requirements, and that's where the Clover App Market comes in.

You'll be able to choose from hundreds of free and premium apps that will make your Station even more powerful. Manage payroll with Gusto, simplify scheduling with Time Clock, transfer sales to QuickBooks, and stay compliant with Davo Sales Tax.

What apps are pre-installed on the Clover Station?

The Station will have the following apps pre-installed:

  • Sale
  • Refund
  • Transactions
  • Authorizations
  • Closeout
  • Reporting
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Feedback
  • Promos
  • Rewards
  • Gift Cards
  • Virtual Terminal
What are the top apps in the Clover App Market?

There are hundreds of useful apps in the Clover App Market. Some of the must-haves are:

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Additional Clover POS Services

Clover Rapid Deposit

Good cash flow provides the opportunity to invest in growth. Having excellent cash flow can help in hiring employees or investing in marketing and promotions.

With Clover Rapid Deposit, you'll be able to transfer your funds to your bank account within minutes, any time of the day or day of the week.

Clover Care

It goes without saying, your hardware should be reliable and ready for the tasks your business throws at it. Unfortunately, accidental damage happens, and the last thing you want is to worry about warranties and repairs.

With Clover Care, you'll receive three-year protection for your Station Solo or Station Duo. If the hardware goes down, you'll receive a replacement the next day.

Clover Support

Each Clover account receives a top-notch level of support. 

Fast Setup

You can set up the Station Solo or Station Duo by yourself or with Clover Support. You can even request a training call from our support team.

Full Service 24 x 7 Support

Clover Customer Service is just a phone call away. You can even request a call back directly from your Clover Station.

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