About CardConnect MSP

Clover POS Devices

Who are we?

CardConnect MSP is a forward-thinking, established leader in the transaction processing industry. Specializing in small and medium-sized businesses, we help ignite your growth by providing flexible payment processing solutions that securely accept electronic payments in today's ever-changing marketplace. Consumers' shopping behavior is changing quickly and dramatically. Information access, technological advances, and smart devices have transformed commerce and consumer expectations. This is the age of universal commerce, and CardConnect MSP is at the forefront of bringing consumers an integrated, personalized, secure, open, and smart experience. Our solutions are designed to address the critical enablers of universal commerce, including smart devices, open, scalable, and secure infrastructure, integrated applications, and actionable intelligence that drive new levels of personalization to the payment process. Let our advanced solutions help you to enable your customers to purchase from you, whenever and wherever they are, and keep you current as commerce progresses.

Why CardConnect MSP?

Whether you are opening a new business or expanding an established one, we offer an extensive portfolio of innovative products and services designed to help attract and serve more customers. We provide completely flexible, customized solutions to fit your needs. You’ve built your business around the unique demands of your customers. So the requirements of your business are unique too, including your needs for payment processing equipment and services. Our knowledgeable sales agents can help you customize solutions that broaden your payment options and build an integrated customer experience. We offer a full line of Clover point-of-sale equipment: Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Flex, and Clover Go. CardConnect MSP solutions enable you to safely process nearly any payment type including MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, Discover® Network, JCB®, debit cards, gift cards, and checks.

CardConnect MSP uses Fiserv's processing engine.

Around the world every day, Fiserv makes payment transactions secure, fast, and easy for merchants, financial institutions, and their customers. Fiserv leverages an unparalleled product portfolio and expertise to deliver processing solutions that drive customer revenue and profitability. Whether the payments are by debit pr credit, gift card, check or mobile phone, online, or at the point-of-sale. Merchants who process with CardConnect MSP get the best of both worlds, benefiting from the strength and scope of Fiserv’s vast product and service offerings, but working with an independent agent who understands the needs of their business. Our unparalleled products and services allow you to let your customers pay how, when, and where they want, with terminals, peripherals, integrated point-of-sale payment and software solutions, state-of-the-art eCommerce, mobile wallet, and wireless solutions.

Cardholder security is our first priority and CardConnect MSP.

We take a holistic approach to security, compliance, and risk management and offer integrated technologies, like end-to-end encryption, that help effectively manage security and risk. Our comprehensive Clover Security solutions help you meet compliance requirements, reduce risk and data security and privacy, and securely process both in-store and on-the-go transactions. We continue to develop new advanced solutions to keep you on the cutting-edge of universal commerce. Whatever your needs, we can tailor the right solution.

Our customer support is best-in-class:

  • 24/7 customer service in multiple languages

  • Help Desk services to assist with technical equipment needs

  • Online reporting and support that allows you to reconcile deposits, merchant statements, transaction qualifications, and so much more.