Clover Online Ordering

Stop paying commissions for your restaurant’s online orders.

You work hard to bring amazing food and a great ambiance to your customers. So why should you pay a big fat commission for orders placed for takeout or delivery?

Clover lets you take control of your online orders, so you can grow your business, keep more profit in your pocket and serve your customers better.

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Clover Online Ordering

Commission-free online ordering

Enjoy a fully integrated online ordering system without the additional "other providers" commissions. We won't charge you percentages of sale or flat commission fees.

And, if you take advantage of our Merchant Surcharge Program, you may end up not paying for credit card processing either. This is our way of helping you run a profitable business operation.

Simple set up and use.

Simple set up - enable Online Ordering functionality with a couple of clicks.

Manage from Clover device - pause or un-pause Online Ordering from a Clover point of sale device or the Clover Dashboard.

Menu flexibility - choose which menu items and modifiers are visible in the online menu.

Order printing - print online orders on any of your kitchen printers.

Real-time sync - all menu changes on your Clover device, sync in real-time online.

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Your customers will appreciate the convenience.

Efficient ordering - provide a more efficient way to order from you.

Repeat business - ease of ordering often leads to new, frequent, and repeat business.

Promotions - offer a sign-up for offers, updates, and messages.

Tips - collect tips right on your website.

Secure checkout - secure Apple Pay and Google Pay payment options.

Gift cards - add additional revenue streams by selling Clover Gift Cards.

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