Connect with customers better and faster than ever before.

Building relationships with your customers is key to long-term success. That’s why Clover offers a set of easy-to-use customer engagement tools that help you get to know your customers better, increase sales and grow your business.


You get these four features right out of the box:

Customers - build a database of your best customers.

Promos - send offers and deals that help bring customers into your store.

Rewards - create a program to excite customers and reward them for loyalty.

Feedback - hear directly from your customers and reply as needed.

clover customer engagement create perk
customers on clover

Know your customers, help improve service.

  • Automatically begins to build your customer list from every transaction.
  • Collect your customers’ contact information and send them a Promo.
  • Add detailed information to customer profiles, like notes, birthdays, and their places of work.
create promotion on Clover

Reach out to customers.

  • Send promotions directly to customers by email, text message, and the Clover app.
  • Collect customers’ contact information to help you connect with them.
  • Post to your Facebook® and Twitter® accounts with one click.
clover rewards dashboard

See why a little loyalty goes a long way.

  • Create a simple, custom loyalty program in minutes.
  • Have Clover keep track of your customers’ reward balances, so you don’t have to.
  • Speed up the line with optional hands-free payments.
clover feedback receipt

Hear what your customers think.

  • No setup is required—simply install the app.
  • Receive feedback privately–directly in your email inbox–and reply as needed.
  • Make up for negative feedback with coupons and help keep bad reviews off of review sites and social media.
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