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What if you could discover a whole new side to your business - one that helps you bring in more customers,  try out new marketing ideas and see the results? Clover Insights is a intuitive software that uses your own sales information to help you uncover opportunities and build your business. Best of all, using Insightics is easy - and makes running your business fun again.
  • Bring in new business. Easily see your customers' spending patterns so you can find more like them.
  • Better target your marketing. Get profiles of your customers by categories like new, repeat or local - so you can market more effectively.
  • See amazing results. Understand the impact of your marketing efforts and receive insights that will help improve your future efforts.
  • Check out similar businesses. Know how you stack up by comparing your sales to a group of similar businesses. 

Information about other businesses is always anonymous and aggregated so that identity is protected.

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Whatever your point of sale terminal or system, the Insightics Solution will work for you. And if you have a Clover Station, Clover Mini, or Clover Mobile, you can do even more, such as:

  • Identify product trends. Pinpoint bestselling products by segment and see which products sell well together.
  • Get the full picture. Get a complete view of customer spending, including cash and gift card transactions.
  • Get to know your customers. With Clover Station, Clover Mini and Clover Mobile, transactions can be tied to specific customers, so you know who's shopping with you and what they buy.
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