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Clover Passes a Milestone: 500,000 Devices and Counting

Clover is becoming more popular with businesses all around the world. And it just hit a major milestone with more than 500,000 devices shipped since its' launch.

With half a million Clover devices in the marketplace, merchants are running their businesses more effectively, saving time, and getting important jobs done more easily.

Here are some milestones:

  • 500,000 Clover devices in the market
  • 2.9 seconds average transaction time for EMV® "chip" cards. That's 5x faster than other EMV® card devices
  • 220+ apps in the Clover App Market, helping merchants get jobs done faster and more easily - including employee scheduling, marketing, inventory, gift cards, and more
  • 5,400 Clover transactions handled in a peak minute - secure peak performance merchants can count on
  • 500,000 digital signatures taken per day on Clover devices
  • 37% of U.S. cardholders have purchased something from a Clover merchant
  • 7.5 million feet of receipt paper saved per year, thanks to electronic signatures
  • 82,000 feet is the highest altitude where Clover has accepted payment
  • 350,000 Clover Station swivels daily

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