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Introducing Salon Iris

We are proud to introduce Salon Iris. This new integration brings front desk efficiencies, combined with simple and affordable processing to salons of all sizes.

Salon Iris Appointment Book

Designed specifically for salons and spas, Salon Iris enables all aspects of managing a business - including appointment scheduling, client data management, staff scheduling, payroll, client marketing and more.

Salon Iris Marketing Campaigns

Taking advantage of our Salon Iris integration means you can accept credit and debit cards directly within the Salon Iris software at the POS or on a smartphone - no more switching between systems. And because it's integrated with our gateway, sensitive data is automatically tokenized and encrypted, securing cardholder information and protecting you and your clients from fraud.

Salon Iris Features to Love

Salon Iris productsProvide Perfect Products

Keep clients happy by storing their purchase history, making it easy to reorder and recommend add-ons. You can also review past purchases at checkout and suggest new items.



Salon Iris track loyalty pointsTrack Loyalty Points

Reward your customers by keeping track of loyalty points and their corresponding benefits (ex: 1,000 points = free moisturizer).



Salon Iris low processing ratesLow Processing Rates

Because Salon Iris is integrated with our gateway, Level 2 and Level 3 data is automatically included with every transaction, so you'll qualify for the lowest rate possible every time.


Salon Iris future appointmentsPrepare for Future Appointments

Give clients the flexibility to prepay for multiple appointments; track prepaid balances to apply at checkout and get alerts when it's time to remind clients to add more money to their account. 

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