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OrderOut for Clover

Manage all your online food delivery orders right in your Clover POS.

Here's how it works:

  1. An online order comes in through one of your food delivery partners (UberEats, Seamless, Grubhub, Doordash,, Postmates, WIX and more)
  2. OrderOut detects the order and instantly transfers it to your Clover POS and prints on the kitchen printer
  3. Customer and food delivery data is displayed on one easy-to-use dashboard

Key Features:

  • Direct Integration Into Your Clover POS - You no longer need to re-enter orders from each delivery platform into your Clover POS
  • Automatic Order Accept -No more annoying pings! OrderOut will automatically map order details to your menu and availability, and accept them on your behalf
  • Bulk Menu and Restaurant Info SyncUpdate your menu and restaurant info all in one place, we’ll handle the others
  • Order Troubleshooting PortalHaving all your orders in one platform will help you troubleshoot orders if customers call with questions
  • Risk-Free IntegrationWith our free trial period you pay nothing upfront and can cancel whenever you wish, although we know you never will
  • All-In-One DashboardManage and analyze all of your orders in one centralized dashboard

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OrderOut for Clover POS