FD40 Pin Pad for Clover Station

This is the FD40 PIN Pad to be used with the Clover Station. This is a PCI 3.1 USB PIN Pad ready for ApplePay™, NFC and EMV.


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Clover Station Weight Scale

This scale supports up to 20lbs, switches easily between grams and ounces, and automatically passes weight into Clover for a quick checkout.


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Clover Station Kitchen Printer

Built to withstand the heat and humidity of the kitchen, this fast, two-color printer offers crisp, easy to read type for quick viewing.


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Clover Station Kitchen Printer - Asian Output

In addition to functionality of standard Clover printer this printer prints orders in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or Japanese.


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Clover Station Cash Drawer

Each Clover Station comes with a matching cash drawer. This drawer can be used with Clover Station or Clover Mini.


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Clover Station Bill & Coin Tray

This is a custom designed bills and coins tray for the Clover Station and Clover Mini cash drawer.


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Merchant Keypad for Clover Mini

Engage your customers while they pay on Clover Mini, as you control the process from Clover Mini Keypad.


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Pin Shield for Clover Mini

Provide additional security for your customers with this optional accessory to shield PIN entry. Clover Mini only.


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Clover Mobile Printer

Clover Mobile printer allows Clover Mobile merchants to print customer and order receipts.


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Clover Mobile Dock

Keep Clover Mobile on the counter or attach it to a wall while charging it with Clover Mobile Dock.


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Cash Drawer Lid

This is a locking cash drawer lid for the Clover Station and Clover Mini. This lid includes two keys.


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Card & Chip Reader for Clover Go

Securely and reliably accept credit and debit cards - including EMV® chip cards - with ease, right from your smartphone or tablet. Clover Go supports inventory, tips and taxes.


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Clover Station Power Cord

Each Clover Station comes with a printer connected power cord. If you need additional power cords or need replacements, you can purchase them directly from us.


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Clover Station Cable Pack

This cable pack includes all cables required to connect Clover Station to a receipt printer, ethernet and a cash drawer. You can purchase additional ones directly from us.


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Clover 1D/2D Handheld Barcode Scanner

This is a black 1D/2D Handheld Barcode Scanner for use with Clover. Includes scanner, stand, and 7ft USB cable.

Handheld Clover Barcode Scanner.jpg

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Clover 1D/2D Handsfree Barcode Scanner

This is a black 1D/2D Handsfree Barcode Scanner for use with Clover. Includes scanner and 7ft USB cable.

Handsfree Clover Barcode Scanner.jpg

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Clover Employee ID Login Cards

You can now log in to your Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, and Clover Flex by swiping an employee card instead of entering a passcode. This gives you added security and lets employees log in without a passcode. Pack of 10.


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