Clover Rewards

A flexible loyalty and marketing solution that's fun for all


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  • Easy to get started. From in-store materials to social media support, we make sure you have everything you need to get your customers excited and your rewards program rolling.
  • Share the love and see the results. Clover Rewards links customer rewards to real transactions, so you can track how effectively you customers are engaging with your loyalty program and which perks are the most popular.
  • Reward sales, not visits. Some loyalty programs give out points for just showing up. With the Clover Rewards solution, you can validate purchases at the register to grant rewards only to your deserving, paying customers.
  • Expand your following. Social media features can help you to reach new customers and encourage repeat visits.
Perka Beacon makes it easy for customers to check-in. It speeds up the transaction by simplifying the check-in process for customers when they enter your store.
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Whatever your point of sale terminal or system, the Perka solution will work for you. And if you have a Clover Station, Clover Mini, or Clover Mobile, you can do even more.

  • Keep the line moving. The Perka app and Beacon run through your Clover Station, Clover Mini and Clover Mobile to check your customers in and connect perks to purchases seamlessly.
  • Identify trends and opportunities. Set relevant rewards and specials into motion through your customers' mobile phones in order to increase traffic and encourage repeat visits.
  • Get to know your customers. With Clover Station, Clover Mini and Clover Mobile, all rewards are tied to specific customers and the Beacon's automatic check-ins appear on your Clover screen, so you can easily identify your VIP customers and see what they buy.
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Perka Loyalty Rewards Solution