Introducing Clover Mini

More payments, more power ... less clutter.

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Clover Mini is the sleekest, most flexible payment terminal on the market. When you're tight on space, Clover saves the day. It was designed with a large 7" Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass touch display and an intuitive interface. It has a built-in receipt printer, magnetic card and EMV chip card reader. It even accepts, Apple Pay and Android Pay. The choice of Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (HSPA+) wireless connectivity makes transactions easy.
Clover Mini POS System

Accept Payments 

Clover Mini is a payment powerhouse. Despite its’ small footprint it matches all of Clover Station’s payment capabilities. It even takes it a step further by being able to accept Debit and SNAP payments without any additional peripherals. Via its’ hub Clover Mini can easily be connected to a cash drawer or a barcode scanner.

It offers lightning fast processing of credit, debit, EMV® Chip and contactless cards. It even supports trendy mobile payments with Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™.

There is no better device at making sure your checkout lines are short and customers spend more time shopping and less time paying. Clover tested processing EMV chip cards in 2.9 seconds. Can your terminal or POS do that?


Clover Mini Booker Integration

Integration with Booker

For thousands of Spa and Salon businesses Booker has been a top go-to solution for booking appointments, managing employees, and staying connected to customers. Completely wireless integration with Clover Mini took this service to another level --  making checkout process faster, more convenient and safer than ever before.

Build Loyal Customer Base

Building a loyal following and turning a customer into brand ambassador should be every manager's top priority. With so many businesses fighting for attention of each customer, winning them over is not an easy task. A well designed loyalty program can help. Customers like to be rewarded for their patronage and in return they love to reward their favorite businesses with a higher per-visit spending and more frequent visits.

As a Clover merchant you will have access to Clover™ Rewards, Clover™ Promotions and Clover™ Feedback, and Clover Gift Cards. This suite of engagement apps allows to enroll customers into a highly effective rewards program, send offers and respond to feedback.


Clover Rewards for Clover Mini 
Homebase Clover Mini

Manage Employees

How do you manage your weekly employee timesheets, schedules and time-off requests? Do your employees ever show up late? Do they constantly call-in to find out if they are scheduled to work today?

When you upgrade to the Clover and install a free Homebase app, you will get access to the easiest tools to track hours and schedule employees.

  • Schedule Builder
  • Time Clock
  • Timesheets
  • Mobile Apps
  • Messaging
  • Tips Tracking
  • Shift Reminderds


Manage Inventory

With Register Lite and Register Service Plans, Clover helps you manage inventory or menu items with ease. No more guesses and paper notes. Every sale, return or exchange is recorded in Clover's inventory and itemized in reports.

With an easy access from the Clover POS screen, web portal and the Clover™ Dashboard for iOS, Android™ and even Apple® Watch managing your inventory has never been as easy, and dare we say fun?
Clover Dashboard.png

Advanced Insights

What if you could discover a whole new side to your business - one that helps you bring in more customers, try out new marketing ideas and see the results? Meet Clover Insights, the ultimate reporting tool. This Clover exclusive and most advanced analytics in the industry will transform the way you run your business.

With the help of Clover™ Insights you will know what inventory categories and items sell and which ones don't. What are the busiest and slowest months, weeks, days and times. Clover™ Insights even gives you a map of where your customers live and where do they shop when aren't shopping in your store. Imagine how can this kind of information influence your marketing ideas.


Payments Plus

$0.00 per Device
Smart, cloud-based payments, employee and customer management, in one device; credit card terminal replacement.

Payments Plus Features

  • Payments Acceptance
  • Employees Management
  • Customer Management
  • Discount-Based Rewards
  • Open Tabs
  • Access to Booker Integration
  • Limited Access to Clover App Market

Register Lite

$9.95 per Device
All Payments Plus features, plus simple inventory and order management in one device; cash register replacement.

Register Lite Features

  • All Payments Plus Features
  • Basic Inventory Management
  • Basic Order Management
  • Item Level Rewards
  • Item Level Discounts
  • Item Level Tax Calculations
  • Connect to Customer Facing Display


$29.95 per Device
All Payments Plus and Register Lite features, plus full-featured POS with enhanced inventory and order management.

Register Features

  • All Register Lite Features
  • Enhanced Inventory Management
  • Enhanced Order Management
  • Can Be Installed on Clover Station
  • Remote Order Printing (Kitchen)
  • Weight Scale Support
  • Full Access to Clover App Market
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